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Neem Oil Applications

Stop managing outbreaks; eliminate them!

Finally there is a nontoxic, all-natural solution that actually works. Indoor, Outdoor, or Greenhouse garden problems alike, Super Clean Neem will cure your outbreak without a build-up of pest resistance or immunity to the product. Super Clean Neem works as a leaf shine, which will allow the leaf to absorb more sunlight; your plants will loved being sprayed! No need to worry about plant, human, or pet/livestock toxicity as Super Clean Neem is 100% safe and nontoxic.

Unfortunately, in commercial food production we often see toxic chemicals commonly applied to our produce. Commercial chemicals are frequently used, most often because they are the cheapest option rather than the most effective or safest. The trade-off expense of cheap and toxic chemicals is the lasting effect on you, your family’s health, and our environment.

Azaderachtin is the active ingredient found in the neem seed, and is completely non-toxic to your plants, your pets, and most importantly you. Spray with confidence and peace of mind that your problem is being kissed good-bye. Super Clean Neem also works as an effective preventative product.

Super Clean Neem is produced through a proprietary method of cold pressing high-quality, fresh neem seeds. This process allows our oil to achieve the highest possible concentration of azaderachtin without sacrificing the natural tallows in the seed which are needed to achieve the highest efficiency. Due to our dedication to detail and quality we have been able to achieve the cleanest and most concentrated form of neem oil on the market.

Use Super Clean Neem to eradicate outbreaks! ounce of preventative action equals pounds of cure.

We recommend use with our sugar based wetting agent, Wet Wash. Add 1-3 teaspoons of Super Clean Neem to a 10ml per gallon solution of Wet Wash.

We kill problems other products won't!

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