16oz. Super Clean Karanja Oil

16oz. Super Clean Karanja Oil


Super Clean Karanja Oil, 16 oz

If you love our Super Clean Neem Oil, then you need to try some Super Clean Karanja Oil.  Karanja oil has been prized for its plant cleansing properties for many years.

Karanja oil is derived from the seeds of the karanja tree (millettia pinnata) and contains many useful compounds including the active ingredient "Karanjin".  The oil is also high in tannins, pongamol and karanjachromene. Super Clean Karanja Oil is an all natural solution to keep your garden clean and looking its best.


Shake Karanja oil well before use.  Agitate the mix periodically while spraying.

Spray plants evenly and completely every 3-7 days as needed.  Focus sprays on the underside of the leaves. Keep Karanja Oil at or above room temperature to obtain proper consistency.  Cold product may be warmed to obtain a thinner viscosity to make pouring easier. Wetting agents are recommended but are not necessary to use.

Application Rate:

2-8 Tsp. (10-40 ml) per gallon.


1/2 -2 tsp (3-10 ml) per liter

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