16oz. Super Clean Karanja Oil

16oz. Super Clean Karanja Oil


Super Clean Karanja Oil, 16 oz

Karanja oil is prized for its insecticidal and antiseptic properties.

Karanja oil is derived from the seeds of the karanja tree and contains many useful elements including the active ingredient "Karanjin" which acts as a miticide and insecticide.

Super Clean Karanja© improves the effectiveness of foliar sprays and soil drenches and is recommended to be used in conjunction with Super Clean Neem©.


Shake well. (before use and periodically while spraying).

Lightly spray tops and bottoms of host every 3-7 days as needed.

Prior to pouring, warm bottle at or above room temperature to obtain

proper consistency.

Application Rate:

2-8 Tsp. (10-40 ml) per gallon.


1/2 -2 tsp (3-10 ml) per liter

Wetting agents are recommended but not necessary to use.  For best results, use with Super Clean Neem Oil.

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